Christy Dressler
Childrens Mercy in Kansas City

Kyle Tapps
Lifeflight Eagle

Chris Mattes
Mercy Life Line

Susan Crum
Treasurer and Past President
Cox Air Care


I would like to introduce to you the Association of Air Medical Services Missouri Chapter (MOAAMS). This organization was built to help promote and educate through the exchange of information to air medical and critical care transport services across the State of Missouri and throughout the United States.

With active support, safety, patient care, research, and communication between the Missouri AAMS community, MOAAMS is committed to promote a safer and more effective transport environment for the transport of the critically ill or injured.

Since its inception in 2009, MOAAMS is represented by all ten air medical programs that are in Missouri. It is our common beliefs that through relationship building and communication we can provide the safest and best patient care to Missourians.


Established in 1980, the Association of Air Medical Services (AAMS) is an international association which serves providers of air and surface medical transport systems. The association, a voluntary non-profit organization, encourages and supports its members in maintaining a standard of performance reflecting safe operations and efficient, high quality patient care.

AAMS is built on the idea that representation from a variety of medical transport services and businesses can be brought together to share information, collectively resolve problems and provide leadership in the medical transport community.
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